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Home Security Systems Screens

How our Alarm Screens work...

Home security systems using security screens is really very simple. Your existing frame, or one that we manufacture to fit, is built with a special systems alarm mesh which has detection wires interwoven every four inches. The world’s largest weaver of screening material Phiffer weaves this mesh.

In addition there is a magnetic switch placed in the systems frame. This protects the screen from tampering. A plug connector is also added.

Home Security Systems ScreensTamper proof protection from beakins.

The picture left is an example of how our systems and components go together. The connector and tamper may be placed almost anywhere in the frame parameter. The read switches we use are color matched to the frame. This makes the systems harder to detect. The two common plug types are used and come in white or black to suit your systems trim colors. The mesh may be placed either vertical (most common) or horizontal. The horizontal wiring is recommended in wet conditions near the ocean or lake.

We also deal in wood frame Home Security Systems Screens.  The metal frame systems may be recessed into your wood frame for a pleasing flush appearance or we can wire directly into a wood frame with no metal used.



The metal frame Home Security Systems Screens all have a factory applied baked enamel finish. We will not use bare aluminum. An internal metal corner is also used; no plastic is used here. Custom colors are not a problem either.

Alarm screens home security systems screens offer the best protection with the windows open or closed. They are a normal part of a window and thus do not visually interfere with any window treatment or decor. They will not hamper your movement within the home or office when the system is armed, unlike motion detectors. If the screen is cut or tampered with the system is instantly activated.

Security screens provide the best of everything in home security systems, fresh air, visual appearance, ease of maintenance and protection.

We do apply all of the above to swinging or sliding screen doors either metal or wood.



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